Better to teach a man to fish than to teach a man to fishEveryone is a master of marketing

30-day Marketing Acceleration and 100-day Marketing Practical Training

Better to teach a man to fish than to teach a man to fish

National initiative

Black Marketing Theory

Focus on black marketing, take an unusual road, self-subversion, surprising victory.

Lieqi Marketing ManagerBlack Marketing Practitioner

9-year marketing planning and operation
Founder of Lieqi business school
Tsinghua University EMBA
Master of Marketing Practice in China: Lu Changquan

Black Technology

  • 100%Hard service every customer
  • 98%Design time through the acceptance
  • 95%Customer renewal rate of more than
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    Shenzhen Lieqi Network Marketing Planning Co., Ltd.
    Contact number:0755-29792051
    Address: Fourth Floor of Building A, Craftsman Science and Technology Building, No. 1 Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City

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